The Future of Care


At Rickett Architects we believe in producing architectural design which inspires.  In designing an imaginative ‘pod’ we hope this work will encourage and assist future independence for an ageing population.  With many experiences with loved ones in care homes we feel passionately about this project and hope it aids the mission of Extra Care.

The driving concept behind the pod is to combine a ‘familiar & inviting’ design with modern manufacturing techniques. We aim to do this by using CNC[computer numerically controlled] machining techniques with new eco-friendly composite materials to produce customisable steel frames which focus on the internal garden at the heart of the home.


Internal Garden

The internal garden with its retractable roof and generous openings on each side is the location of the main living area, an inviting environment for socialising but predominately a beautiful backdrop to all video communications via Face-time/tele-health.

Open Plan Living

Far removed from conventional care settings the open plan living and transparent design have the  flexibility of privacy panels which gently create private spaces adaptable to any situation.


Architectural Design

For Future Independence 

Make your pod your own, customise to your style, sit in a beautiful internal garden all year round, the backdrop to a cup of tea with friends anywhere in the world
— Future Pod Design Team