Investing in Birmingham

Tennant Street, Birmingham.  New loft style development.


Tennant street

Birmingham devlopment designed by rickett architects


Birmingham’s growth is continuing to accelerate rapidly which is why Rickett Architects are working closely with developers in Birmingham. Particularly on Tennant Street we have developed a residential scheme which looks to become an exciting opportunity for future investors. 


The Project is currently underway as construction on site builds momentum.


Why Birmingham has become a city International developers are keeping an eye on!

Since spear heading the industrial revolution, Birmingham has always had a rich recipe of ingredients for a thriving economy. Today is no exception as Birmingham has more direct International investment projects than any other English region. Despite 8 years remaining till the due completion of HS2 commercial developers have seen the introduction of 17,473 start-ups in 2016 alone whilst the Residential developers seek to house a growing population of over 1.1million.


At Rickett Architects we want to help investors make the best commercial decisions for their projects whilst producing fresh designs to excite and sit in harmony with a city looking to become one of the most exciting places to live, work & invest in the UK.

If you are looking to invest in Birmingham, the youngest city in Europe then  Rickett Architects, with our RIBA Architects, technicians & planners have the flexibility to produce cost effective schemes of all sizes.