"More breasts in architecture"

Last years Chilean Pritzker Architecture prize winner Alejandro Aravena controversially said   “we need more breasts in Architecture” maybe he is right……

  When I first started at Rickett Architects around 5 years ago, I was the only women. It felt slightly odd to me but felt kind of normal in the industry.

I started going to some networking meetings and found that in the Construction and building type networking events  that I was attending it really was full of a lot of men in suits and women were definitely a minority.

I did notice a slight shift when we started recruiting and was pleasantly surprised when we had women applying for some of our Architects and technician roles. One of whom we took on. I was no longer the only women in the office. This felt like a step in the right direction to me. We now have a 50/50 ratio and this makes me very proud.


We need more women in all types of business including the construction industries and women at higher levels and on equal pay because we bring something else, something different to the table. Women are not as black and white, we usually think in all shades of grey. We can complement, soften, negotiate and generally bring a different solution to many problems.

In our industry we design buildings and  really great homes for people to live in. This process involves lots of client interaction and discussion and we find that a real strength here at RA is a lack of ego  that our women Architects and designers bring to the table making  a refreshing change to this essential part of the journey with our clients.

I believe that at Rickett Architects we have a diverse practice that can offer our clients all they need when working with an architecture team, cool people with honest values and an ethos of working together to get the best results.

Come and talk to us if you are considering building your own ‘grand design’, a residential housing scheme or a contemporary renovation, we have it all covered here at RA.

There is a definite shift happening in the world of not only architecture but construction and tech as well, at last.