Aerial Drone Photography in Architecture


Above & Beyond Surveying

Brand new to 2018 we’re introducing Aerial Photography to Rickett Architects.  With High definition Photographs and HD Video footage we’ll be able to climb to new heights to capture images otherwise near impossible.


Aerial Site Survey

With a built in HD camera and the ability to fly 360 degrees we want to bring new dynamic images to clients and solve problems surrounding accurate site photographs and challenging surveys.

Whether hovering or flying over proposed sites ‘ Drones change the way we view the world, and how we view the world changes how we design it.’

Aerial Photography
- Fly’s 360 degrees up to 500m
- Takes Aerial Photographs in HD
- Takes HD Video footage [2.7k]
- Hovers and fly’s up to 30mph
- Controlled remotely by an operator
- Technically described as a UAV [Unmanned Aerial Vehicle]
- Can fly continuously for approximately  15minutes